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La Romanité

Pont du gard

Pont du gard

Discover la Romanité of the region !
Start with Nîmes first : its arenas are the best preserved in the Mediterranean basin. You will be amazed by the Maison Carrée (1st century, built for Auguste to the glory of his two grandsons), the best preserved Roman temple in the world, its Museum of Romanity opened in 2018, its small old streets and its jardins de la Fontaine .

Then go to Arles : you will appreciate the atmosphere of its streets , its arenas , its amphitheater and its museum which contains antique marvels. You will see, among others, a Roman barge of 31 meters long whose exit from the Rhone has been a scientific feat. And if you like photography : Arles is the cultural center of photography in France (international festival of Rencontres d'Arles , Réattu museum ...)

And of course, you can not miss the Pont du Gard : Roman aqueduct built in the first part of the 1st century. He brought water from the Eure valley to Nimes (50 km with a gradient of 2.5 cm per kilometer!). It is the highest aqueduct bridge in the Roman world. His visit remains unforgettable. You can even go under the Pont du Gard by canoe , for the bravest (8 km of river from Collias).

You are so close to Uzès that you are obliged to stop in this magnificent Cité classified as City of Art and History. The ancient site of the Fountain of the Eure and its exceptional mosaic relate you to Romanity. Then you make a leap in history to discover wonders that date back to the Middle Ages and following centuries: the Roman Church of Saint Geniès, the Cathedral Saint-Théodorit and its funny tower that resembles that of Pisa, its alleys , its places and markets ..