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Our rooms

“Villa Hanna” offers rooms



from 32€
Online reservation
We invite you to our table d'hôte to discover in the company of other guests the specialties of our region. All dishes are prepared at home, using fresh produce and, as far as possible, local products. We are lucky to have first quality products in our region: sweet onions and apples from Vigan, go...

Relaxing massage by an outside worker

from 70€
Online reservation
Pascale has been practicing relaxation massage for over 7 years. She offers personalized support, closely linked to the problems of your body. It combines touch, the strength of Reiki (Japanese magnetism) and other techniques such as: Californian, Ayurvedic, Thai massage, acupressure, Chi-Nei-Tsang...

Wellness area

Online reservation
Our Well-Being Area is offered to you free of charge. You can benefit from an "automatic" massage table and a hammam. The massage table consists of a volume of water of 300 liters heated to 20 degrees, covered by a rubber protection. A mechanism consisting of water jets hits the rubber protection an...


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